Sunday, January 31, 2010

17/15/15 =3 miles in the McDowell MoutainsX2

The cancer's gone. GONE. Not in remission. Cancer's GONE.
My hair is coming in so fast. I even have enough to make sure it stays behind my ear :)
Cea is waiting with baited breath to start tweezing the eyebrows that are starting to come in too. And let's just say, as far as downstairs is concerned...I'm no longer 12. Closer to 14 I think.
How about 2 weeks in a row I've got to hike the mountains With Julie and Emily. The mountains are beautiful. My muscles are tending to work as though I've been on chemo for 6 months. Wussybutt muscles I say. They had better get in gear and start shaping up. I liked when they were stronger and bigger and could climb a mountain much more easy and willingly. I have faith they will get back to where they should before too long.Next week I really want to double that to 6 miles. I plan on getting to abuse these muscles to play softball here soon. I called the surgeon to get the ports out too. 3 Ca-125's have come back at numbers that are quite celebratory. They are staying below 25. I really really appreciate that.
Work started. It's OK. I really like getting to be a nurse again. But really not appreciating getting up in the morning for that am routine of rushing out the door for school, late...miss madi's softball camp at school. Then having to come home and fit in fixing dinner and housework. Dang being off for 7 months has it's bonus'. I see the Dr on Feb 9th so he can tell me all the scans and labs have come back with no cancer, and let's pull the ports.
Today I got to get down on the field to take pictures at a celebrity baseball game. There were lots of old timers, some new timers, and some guys that just simply paid a lot of money to help sponsor the game to benefit little league. I had a blast talking with all of them. They were all so nice. Pete LaCock from Kansas kept rubbing my head. He told me how he got to be a bone marrow donor and save someones life. It doesn't get much better than that. I only took approx 700 pictures. they should be happy with that. Pete was going to put me out on second base. How cool would that have been??? Then the boss guy cut that plan down. Bummer. But I did get a Giants baseball cap, just in case I played...had to have a hat to play.
My intent is to start getting up and riding soon. I really suck at being cold, so once the sun starts coming up a little later, I'll be good.
Lastly, I did get to beat Chewy up the stairs. It wasn't my fault he was sleeping and didn't hear me get up right away. right when I got to the stairs, I started running. That's when Chewy heard and came running up too. I beat him by a step.....Yeah. I'm sure thinks I was cheating, but if you snooze.. you lose... I say.
I found a lucky penny on the trail Sat. Bonus. :)
Camping is coming up soon :)
I'll put some pics up soon from the baseball game, and hikes. there's some good ones

Friday, January 15, 2010

Cancer?????? What cancer

I just want to let all know that I have done one heck of a job at this faking cancer stuff. Cuz per the PET scan and tumor markers....There ain't no cancer 'round these parts. I must say I am very happy with this news. Now I just need to have my appt with that cancer dr guy, and inform him of all this faking stuff, get my ports all taken out, and begin my life as it was. Sorta kinda like it was. It gets to be better now that all the cancers in my life have been eliminated. I plan on getting my tires pumped up on my bike and get those quads and my gastrocnemius ' all built up again. I really need to tougheb up my poor biceps. They look so sad. I cant EVEN believe these muscles belong to me actually.
Then on to get all the things done on my list that I really really want to get done in my life before I turn 97 1/2.
I did get back into the working world this week. They were so kind as to give me the desk job stuff, so I could get back into the swing of things. I truly think seeing patients would have been easier than having to mutlitask 5 nurses and exist with chemobrain still. At least I have a great excuse for awhile for any goof ups that may come from my direction. And I really really missed Nancy my oasis mate at work. I was able to get blood out of turnip today. that is a bonus for the day. And I got to sorta impress some family members, since none of the home care nurses could get it.
Sunday Julie is taking me out on a hike. Cant wait for that. I WILL finish this hike. No wussybutts here anymore.
My goal this month......Beat Chewy up the stairs :)

Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Grand Canyon is soooo grand!! And beautiful

Sunday 12-27-09
Patti, Patrick,Madi, Courtney and I all headed up for the wonderful Grand Canyon so I could finally see the snow on the canyon. It was so fabulous. There was so much snow and ice. Patrick and I had hayday shooting a ton of neat shots. While Patrick and I were gone, the others decided to sit on the bench with Patti's new Flip video camera, and get all the foreign visitors slipping, sliddin', and falling on the black ice on the pathway. They were also privy to all the cuss words each country had in their vocabulary once they had fallen on their butts. Think I should start studying the video an then no one will know what I'm saying to them :) Not even me, I'm sure. Even the dogs were slipping. It was kinda funny. Patti decided to impale her forehead on a branch, despite multiple warnings of "BRANCHES.....WATCH OUT" so of course there was blood and guts spraying everywhere. Lucky she knows a good wound care nurse. We went to the first aid station, where they gladly showed us where everything was. No one knew what the hech to do. I improvised steri strips from the fabric band aids, and she looked fantastic!..of course. My sister then proceeded to loose all the strawberry donut holes from QT...All out the window of my car. Mind you, when you're going 65 mph, puke doesn't just slip out the window. It totally sprayed all the way down my car, across the windows, and down the inside too a bit. LOVELY. poor Courtney had quite the view in front of the pretty snow. I got t peak through a quaint little opening for the rear view mirror. We pretty much laughed the whole way home. She was fine, and we had a good lunch at Beaver Street Brewery.
Then Thursday for New Years Eve, Julie, Emily, Ethan, Madi, Katrina and I went up to Flag to celebrate the new year. We had a blast playing games all night, we would have played pictionary...but someone forgot it. We thenall went out into the freezing midnight air to yell, get yelled at.. and drink champagne. (fake out stuff for kids of course).
The next day we went back to the Grand Canyon, lots more snow more beautiful pictures, and kids waiting to go play in the snow and leave the stupid big hole in the ground.
We had lots of snow ball fights, snow husband and wife, sledding, and freezing feet. I'm betting Ethan will never go to the snow in tennis shoes ever ever ever!!!