Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Grand Canyon is soooo grand!! And beautiful

Sunday 12-27-09
Patti, Patrick,Madi, Courtney and I all headed up for the wonderful Grand Canyon so I could finally see the snow on the canyon. It was so fabulous. There was so much snow and ice. Patrick and I had hayday shooting a ton of neat shots. While Patrick and I were gone, the others decided to sit on the bench with Patti's new Flip video camera, and get all the foreign visitors slipping, sliddin', and falling on the black ice on the pathway. They were also privy to all the cuss words each country had in their vocabulary once they had fallen on their butts. Think I should start studying the video an then no one will know what I'm saying to them :) Not even me, I'm sure. Even the dogs were slipping. It was kinda funny. Patti decided to impale her forehead on a branch, despite multiple warnings of "BRANCHES.....WATCH OUT" so of course there was blood and guts spraying everywhere. Lucky she knows a good wound care nurse. We went to the first aid station, where they gladly showed us where everything was. No one knew what the hech to do. I improvised steri strips from the fabric band aids, and she looked fantastic!..of course. My sister then proceeded to loose all the strawberry donut holes from QT...All out the window of my car. Mind you, when you're going 65 mph, puke doesn't just slip out the window. It totally sprayed all the way down my car, across the windows, and down the inside too a bit. LOVELY. poor Courtney had quite the view in front of the pretty snow. I got t peak through a quaint little opening for the rear view mirror. We pretty much laughed the whole way home. She was fine, and we had a good lunch at Beaver Street Brewery.
Then Thursday for New Years Eve, Julie, Emily, Ethan, Madi, Katrina and I went up to Flag to celebrate the new year. We had a blast playing games all night, we would have played pictionary...but someone forgot it. We thenall went out into the freezing midnight air to yell, get yelled at.. and drink champagne. (fake out stuff for kids of course).
The next day we went back to the Grand Canyon, lots more snow more beautiful pictures, and kids waiting to go play in the snow and leave the stupid big hole in the ground.
We had lots of snow ball fights, snow husband and wife, sledding, and freezing feet. I'm betting Ethan will never go to the snow in tennis shoes ever ever ever!!!

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