Friday, January 15, 2010

Cancer?????? What cancer

I just want to let all know that I have done one heck of a job at this faking cancer stuff. Cuz per the PET scan and tumor markers....There ain't no cancer 'round these parts. I must say I am very happy with this news. Now I just need to have my appt with that cancer dr guy, and inform him of all this faking stuff, get my ports all taken out, and begin my life as it was. Sorta kinda like it was. It gets to be better now that all the cancers in my life have been eliminated. I plan on getting my tires pumped up on my bike and get those quads and my gastrocnemius ' all built up again. I really need to tougheb up my poor biceps. They look so sad. I cant EVEN believe these muscles belong to me actually.
Then on to get all the things done on my list that I really really want to get done in my life before I turn 97 1/2.
I did get back into the working world this week. They were so kind as to give me the desk job stuff, so I could get back into the swing of things. I truly think seeing patients would have been easier than having to mutlitask 5 nurses and exist with chemobrain still. At least I have a great excuse for awhile for any goof ups that may come from my direction. And I really really missed Nancy my oasis mate at work. I was able to get blood out of turnip today. that is a bonus for the day. And I got to sorta impress some family members, since none of the home care nurses could get it.
Sunday Julie is taking me out on a hike. Cant wait for that. I WILL finish this hike. No wussybutts here anymore.
My goal this month......Beat Chewy up the stairs :)

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