Monday, September 21, 2009

Peg's still up. No knockin this one down

Well I am finally feeling a bit better this am after Cream of Wheat, compazine, and a pain pill. Breakfast of champions. But what the heck. I finally feel well enough to sit at the computer for a few to update defy gravity, and finally place the order for my Nike ID shoes that I've been saving my Coke points. They are very cool looking. Cant wait to wear them. Come on Nov 25th!!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Bonus, Bonus, Bonus

Today is day 2 of Round 3 on my march toward being DONE with chemo. Here’s the bonus: between my chemo brain and my friend Julie’s bad math skills…I have corrected my “countdown to triumph” clock and it now shows 68 days, 22 hours and 45 minutes- otherwise known as November 25 at 5pm…just in time to rest up for Thanksgiving dinner! Yahooooo!
Looking forward to meatloaf, mashed potatoes and rolls tonight for dinner- thanks to Girl Scout Troop # 1806!
Yesterday was fun with my friend Terri Stepp, aka Burl Ives…is there really anything better than whipping cream in a can?
Tuesday was a great day at Entz Elementary School with Ryland’s 3rd Grade Rutabaga’s. They gave me get well cards and letters and I gave each of them homemade butterfly or football cookies. They named me an Honorary Rutabaga and I have the tee shirt to prove it. On the back of the tee each of them put their thumbprint and painted a face on it. Brittany made sure to point out that she was on my right shoulder blade. They were certain to show me they still had purple thumbs! What a fabulous gift!
I’m great, if I turn my head a certain way I can hear my heart beating; the kids are great, I am so proud of their grades and that they joined neat service groups at school; Randy is great, he’s in Solar Energy School this week!
All is well!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Forget the age requirement for SunCity. This alone works



Well I had a great weekend. I actually got down on the field to take 400 pictures of Madi's ball tournament. 3 games in the hot sun. I was sure to use sunscreen. First 30, then 50. Equals 80. No sunburn on that pretty round head of mine. Madi's team did well in their tournament. She got to play catcher and was an animal behind the plate. She MUST be related to her mamma!

Today I am making sugar cookies for a special 3rd grade class that have made me some very very special get well cards. Ryland's Rutabagas. They have a whole new batch for my chemo this week. I cant wait. Amy said they are very very neat. Tomorrow I will take them football and flower cookies.

Friday, September 11, 2009

09/09/09 Means.. New Life New Beginings

Well I really have had some great days lately. Therefore I haven't spent a whole lot of my good time at home. So far this last week I went to Julie's and ate chili, watched her Michigan team kick butt, and had a sleep over. Oh, and we watched a bunch of Heroes episodes. Then I did get to go do my hike to Sedona, on 09/09/09. Talk about weird....My friend Alison and I started out trying to get breakfast at Startbucks. The one by her house didn't have bagels. So we went to the one on 99th ave. Then we ordered and the tab rang up as $9.99. I swear that happened. Then The thermometer across the street read 99 degrees as we were pulling up. When we arrived in Sedona the temp was 81(9). When we left it was 63(9). Very very cool. Our hike was fabulous. I know I was given the power that day to not feel sick even one itsy bitsy amount. The only reason we had to turn around that day was because the black sky and sheets of rain with thunder made me think.....FLASH FLOOD.....Hello . It's Arizona. Dang. We did get to meet a neat dog that loved letting me throw his stick; endlessly. Even into the pool. (that really was an accident). I got to take great pictures, and we even got to use my leatherman to cut up an apple we picked off the tree. I got a bite of nice Arizona dirt on my bite. That crunch wasn't supposed to be there. We got home after a fabulous lunch at Blue Moon Cafe, and getting to meet one of the cutest 6yr olds, Jaiya Wells. He gave us each a gift of his name written on a napkin. I'll keep it forever. I came in the house to a pretty purple box of Fairytale brownies from Sabra and Lou. They are so so good. Then....I got to read one of my bestest letters yet from Courtney Ruhter. She wrote me a letter on her school letterhead. A great get well letter with perfect 3rd grade handwriting. I LOVED it.

Cea and I finished season 2 of Dexter. I can't even believe Sargent Dokes died. Dang it all. But Dexter is fine and all happy endings till season 3 next week. Who has Showtime so we can record season 4?????????

Jake and Madi are doing well in school. YES

Randy gets to go to solar energy school next week. YES

And we were blessed with a fantastic new dishwasher. It looks beautiful. But mostly it works, and I'll have very clean dishes in the flu season. I know I will never be able to say thank you enough to everyone that has helped my family and I. I appreciate more than any of you know, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU.
I know Gods keeping me around here for a long time and you guys are doing a great job of helping make that possible.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Bald is beautiful... Yup, it is

Yesterday I had 2 funny bald incidents...1. At Walmart where the guy in the wheelchair came up behind and said excuse me Sir...Didn't he see my pretty toenails?? 2. At Madi's rained out ball practice some dude yelled, dont get your hair wet! I didn't even know who the heck he was. Funny Funny... I liked that one. Oh yeah. 3. The old lady at Walgreens that really needed to use Secret. Loved my bald head and kept wanting to hug me. I just hugged her back and thanked her. I think it made her day. Making homeade peach-raspberry jam today. Yummy. Yesterday I got to spend the day with my grandma. We made German potato salad. It used to be very yummy before chemo makes everything taste like metal. She promises a batch at the end of December when hopefully everything is back to normal...Yeah right!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Couldn't be said more perfectly

This was on my calender yesterday. All right I found it yest cuz I didn't switch in time; but the Universe is saying something I needed to remember. Gonna take a hike on the Sedona. My gift to myself after round 2. Alison promised its a good one. Cant wait Nice and easy and pretty and creek. Cant wait to eat my sandwich by the creek. YEAH

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Come on Dec 16th

I truly think the only reason for my 14 day rest cycle is so that somehow in a my chemo fog, I forget how crappy I felt after days 1,2 and 8, and then return my ass back to that clinic on Eugie. Good thing I keep my chemo buddies around. Just wanna tell my family thanks so much for dealing with me while I exist these tough days after chemo. All I do is pray for tomorrow, cuz I know that 1. It's one day closer to December 16th, the last date for chemo, and 2. I always know that tomorrow is one more day I get to keep being a mom. Bonus...Getting to get up to date on Dexter. Very fun.