Friday, August 28, 2009

Doing my community service

Well so far today has been one of those days. I so wanna keep those spirits up sky high. But not even 24 hrs after chemo, I already have thrush. That lovely furry mouth crap...AGAIN. That's OK though. My friend Julie has me down on a countdown, that shows 109 days till all is said and done...Then the bucket list commences. I've been thinkin...something positive out of all this chemo crud. Every time I go to the bathroom, I'm eliminating chemo waste. So why not think about how many sewer rats I am preventing from getting this fallopian cancer . Here's to hoping I get to stay safe; as the mouse did against the lion in Aesop's fable. They should be eternally grateful! Well here's to a better ending to round 2 of chemo.

I love all the love and support I have been receiving from everyone. I've never received cookies from home. I like that doorbell ring much more so than the IV junk that's coming out. Thanks to the Bierworth family, I will be eating some cookies today :)

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Chemo Round 2: Score: Peg 2 Cancer 0

Having good days with the family, planting, playing. Good news- no bad hair days! Who knew I had such a perfect head:) Oh...and I don't have to shave my legs...for those special occasions.
Working on my "Bucket List"...
1. see sunrise on the Atlantic- check
2. see my family restored- check
3. CIGNA hospice team and honorary member reunion- check
4. Free Starbuck ice cream and M&M's on the internet- check
41/2- Go for a 5 mile bike ride- September
5. see sun rise on Atlantic and set on the Pacific in same day- January 2010
6. go to New York City
7. see Wicked
8. Hike Machu Picchu - Peru
9. RAGBRAI- Bike ride across Iowa, eat pie:)
10. hike and take pictures at Havasupai...finally
11. oh yea...go back to work!
Gonna be busy...

Monday, August 24, 2009

Chewy and I are no longer split-aparts

So Sat was the day that I finally came to the conclusion I really didn't enjoy drinking my hair in my coffee, nor did I really appreciate the abused barbie doll head I was seeing in the mirror. So we took the clippers in the back yard after a few tears, and shaved away. I did get a really cool looking Mohawk for a bit. That was kinda cool. It truly did help with the scalp pain too. I never realized how much hair insulates your head. Dang my head gets cold easily.

I think we have a black cloud that is taking it's sweet time dissipating over 5015 W Windrose. Randy was getting out of his truck Thursday at work, and ended bizarrely enough, with an avulsion fracture of his rt foot. Too too weird, I say. He has a walking cast on and he says that's helping the pain. thankfully he is able to still work. Whatever few hrs he's been getting.

I had pretty good energy this weekend (before neupogen started kicking butt... I appreciate it boosting my white count, but certainly not the pain associated with it while trying to do it's thing) I planted some flowers, and put a little hibiscus in my pond area. It looks cute. Even went swimming for a bit to try and even out the shininess on my roundlittle head.

Tuesday I get to go to work and have lunch with my work pals and Dr Patel. Might even get to bean him with some stray kiss wrappers or peanuts. That's my job on Tuesdays. Coco puffs are fun to throw too.

So yeah, Chewy and I are not gonna give people a run for their money anymore, as far a figuring who is who. But is only temporary. Once the new doo comes in, we'll be good. Who knows...Maybe the chemo will mess with me and then Elmo and I will be split aparts... Maybe even Gilligan :)

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Me and the Scarecrow are related

Glad to see that my CT scan yesterday wasn't brain mets, and DOES show I have a brain. No air Julie! No idea why my head was going to explode off my shoulders. Just able to catch my labs early doing a freakazoid dance. So went to the dr today and fixing my wacked out potassium and white count. Come on WBC's....Schools started. I need all I can to fight these bugs that come home with my kids.
Feeling really good today. Gonna go do another Dexter marathon at my friend Cea's house.
Jake and Madi really love school so far. They even have a class together. How cute.
Just want to say thanks to everyone for all your love and support.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Defying Gravity

Yummmy, eating again. Poached eggs on toast. My friend Lou came over last night and did Reiki. I think it may have helped me feel better. No pain pills since her visit, and fever came down. I think this is going to be my best friend. Today is the day... my Taxol is supposed to start kicking butt. So far so good. Madi and Jake are all registered at Deer Valley, and everyone there was so fabulous and generous. Other than my "split apart" dog Chewy losing blond hairs that looks curiously like mine all over the couch- all is well! Livingstrong, Peg

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Feeling Good!

Geez, Rain and thunderstorms ...Nice I even ate 2 whole poached eggs and a piece if toast. they're gonna have to start rolling me outta the house. Ate a nice dinner delivered by Girl Scouts last nite. Perfect. Thanks guys. Gonna take Madi to fr...eshman orientation, and get Jake registered. Busy day. Feeling good still. I'm taking advantage of every moment.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

VA Beach was better than Chemo, and we got better tans!

Today is "day 8", 3rd treatment- finishing round 1 of chemo. Yahooo! Hanging here with my "very old friend" Julie O. Tried to tell the chemo nurse I was done with had her going for a minute...but she gave it to me anyway. Lost 15 lbs in last week and thrush was my close friend for a few days...gotta love fuzzy spit:( Got new meds today so hoping for a better weekend! Planning on attending our first "CIGNA Hospice reunion" on Saturday. It was hard to come here today knowing what I was in store for...but gonna beat this thing so I do what I do best...SHOW UP to PLAY!

My friend Julie got this email from LIVESTRONG today about this guy who went to the Dr and came out with a cancer diagnosis...his comment, and mine is "That's not what I ordered. Can I send it back?" Believe me...I'm sending it back!



Monday, August 10, 2009

Monday's Blues

Well today I can say I may be back on my way to a teensy bit normalish. I ate a little more and drank a little more too. Think I was even awake a little more today too. Now I know, Dr Volk was way laughing inside when I asked if I could still play sports while on chemo. I had no idea a MACK truck was going to come barreling thru every square centimeter of my body; put it in reverse, then do it again a few more times....just cuz.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Blah Days kinda suck...So I'm finding out

First just wanna say thanks to Randy for being there for me. Kids too. Love you guys. Now go clean your rooms :) Just kidding.
I really great yesterday till it came time to go to bed, and the decadron was doing it;s thing and not letting me sleep well. So out to the living room to watch whatever happened to be on the dang TV.
Today is definetly a blah day. Only a little nausea, but really tired. Not quite sure I'm liking this tired crap. Now I know why Doc said no work. Whah Whah. I'll get over it.
Kinda sad that I had to tell a softball team no ball till Feb. That bites. Oh well, pleanty of time for softball when I'm all healed. RIGHT?

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Surviving wonderfully after day 1

Soooo..Yest was the first day of IV Taxol. The only side effect I had was falling asleep in the premeds; which I thought was just a typical Peg move. All I could think was what the heck am I falling asleep so dang early in the day already. And dang if Cea didnt notice. Turns out the culprit was the Benedryl. I fought it off very well though not knowing it was drug induced; and had a great time visiting.

Got to make the nurses all come running at once when I dropped(on accident I promise) the bell indicating I was having an anphalactic reaction to the Taxol. They did good. I think I would have survived if it was a real ring! Might I add, these nurses are very wonderful. Very caring and attentive.

The afternoon was spent fixing my once purple hair; that had turned to the color of a campfire ash. Kinda yucky. So Brianna and Cea fixed me up. I now am up for look alike for Annie Lennox. Everyone says I look a lot younger too. Dang, there goes my senior discount at Tacobell!!

Today and next Wed are intraperitoneal Cisplatin days. Cruddy days so they say. But like Julie says, this is what we need to get right to the source of the rotton junk trying to take over my belly. COME ON CISPLATIN. Here's to hoping all the new and fabulous and outragously priced premeds do their tricks.

Love you all. Thanks for the pizza last night Gonzalez family. It was great!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

First Day to Kick butt

Yesterday's escapade of the rockin mom's purple hair with liberty spikes was a blast. will try and get a pic up. Must say I truly impressed Jake. I dont think he ever thought I was even remotely capable of such a feat. My thought on that is, he must not know me quite well enough yet. :)
So, I'm headin on in for day 1 of chemo. 3-4 hrs of mundane TV and nothingness. Sounds so BLAHHH. Taking my friend and movie. No clue what to expect, except maybe a new bedsore that just healed from hospital crap. Cant say lying around is truly one of more favorite things to do. Here's to hoping Cea wont have to hold any barf buckets!!
Thanks so much for everyone's fabulous support.