Monday, December 14, 2009

Happiness is a choice that requires effort at times!!

So I finally got my computer up and running at home. Geez, I thought it would never get up right. But my cousin Chucky did the geek squad thing and took off the virus, and then my computer was down to nothing. So sorry the blogging hasn't been as it should. I'll try and do better now.
Still love the house. It's big and wonderful. I've met all my neighbors and they are all really nice people. How cool is that. I did buy a beebee gun to scare away pidgeons. That will be fun.
Well I have to say, my last chemo was a butt kicker. On top of that I caught a cold. I was down for the count for about 3 days. But I'm good now. Just have a grand case of peripheral neuropathy. My hands, feet, and face all hate me about now. Here's to hoping Neurontin does what its supposed to!!
This cold weather is Hell on neuropathy.Those little hand warmers they sell at Walmart are my new best friends. They work fabulously. I think I should buy stock in them. Not before the divorce is final though. No sense in giving up a good thing if I don't have to :)
Anddddd......That quarter inch of peach fuzz I now have on my head, is NOT blond!!!! Its freakin silver!! I have silver hair or gray ..Whatever you want to call it. I've been told that my old color will come in after about a year. I guess time will tell. In the mean time, I guess the Annie Lennox doo will have to have a slightly different look. It'll just have to be the Peg Downs doo :) Madi cut off all her long blond beautiful hair. Its a cute doo. Just hasn't been this short since she was still trying to grow it when she was 2 years old.
I became an official Arizonian today. Cea taught me how to make tamales. So I made a couple dozen of them at best. I'm certain they were a far cry from the south of the border standard. But what the heck. Hopefully no one will look too closely.
Patrick is comin to town this week, and with that...I get to start my bucket list. I have NEVER been to the Grand Canyon when it has snow. Our plan is to go and take probably several hundred pictures of all of it. I cant wait. Did I tell you I cant wait. Just dont look forward to my hands getting cold trying to operate the camera. It will be nice to spend time with Patrick too.
One last good story of sorts before I crash tonight that you all might like to know. Last night I slept with a new boy. Yep cute,blonde, young, playful, smart. One bad habit though... had to put my shoes up so he wouldn't chew them to pieces. I must say, Beau was a great sleeping companion at Julie's house last night. Gotcha all huh? Yeah whatever....but I think I might still share the first part of that with a boy I am still related to. Make him jealous that I found a cute young blonde boy( lab) to sleep with :) He doesn't have to know the whole story.
I love you all and all your support. Thanks Aunt Diane for staying here and helping me past my zombie stage. It has made this all so much easier. I have blood work again this week, so pray that "I'm 17 again". Hey, we should make a movie with that title.

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  1. Welcome to the next chapter of LIFE. Your life. It is a gift from someone very special (hint:His bday is coming up!).
    You know how Julie is always talking about vineyards? Well I just learned that the best wine comes from the vines that have survived the harshest environments. You are a really great bottle!!!!