Wednesday, December 2, 2009

There is no heavier burden than a big potential.

Well finally I have the ability to get on and blog. Getting chemo as I write. By the way, need I to mention that today is the LAST one. Kinda cool. Im kinda sorta happy about that.

Sorry to say that right before the move the computer crashed with very bad virus. So I've been unable to blog . But here are some of the hightlights.. My tumor markers have all decided to scoot down into the normal range. My CA-125 has moved to 17. Started out at around 250. So I'm keeping all my prayers going, not walking under any ladders, and keeping my fingers crossed that it stays there. The plan will be to have labs and scans to make sure everything stays down. Work will ne sometime in Jan. Yeah.

GOT HAIR lots of cute fuzziness on that perfectly round bald head. It's kinda neat. I can rub it and relax when I get upset at certain people I'm still realted to for approx 90 more days. Plus eyebrows are coming in all haphazzardly. Cea will have a hayday with that. I'm taking 5 pain pills before that torture session.

As you can see, I decided to start my getting back in shape. I rode my bike today about 4 miles. My legs going down the stairs felt like they were about 97 and a half years old. Day at a time. Once my blood counts get back in the normal range that should get easier. But I was finally riding again.

Last but not least today, I can finally go back to work in Jan. And my aim should begin improving while I'm throwing stuff at folks (Dr Patel is first on the list). My biggest goal inrelation to this would be to not hit people that were not meant to be on the receiving end, and have them not beat me up.
My new house is fabulous beautiful, sunny, and has now become a home. All the boxes are empty and put away. And BONUS we have up all the Christmas decorations and lights up. They look so pretty. We just have uninvited guests in the attic. PIDGEONS. Yuck. they make noise all nite, and coo, and poo all over the front porch.Hoping to get that resolved shortly.
Thanks to all for all your love and prayers, and support.
Thanksgiving was probably best yet. All my family was there. Food good, and the kids had a blast playing cornhole. NIce Nice Nice.
I'm very excited for Sunday. Starting with our hospice dinner Sunday around 1pm. Then Cea and I will take off to Trans Siberian Orchestra concert at 8pm. Hopin I can stay awake, and keep it a good day with chemo crap.

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  1. So very happy and words can not express! Blessing and wonders all around us, You inspire, give courage, Thanks so much for sharing your journey!