Friday, December 18, 2009

Like mother like daughter...studmuffins

So I sit here with every muscle fiber below my butt screaming at me and calling me an idiot for actually playing catcher Wed nite in the parents versus daughters game for Madi's softball team. (parents won!!) I donned the gear and played for an inning. Thank God that's all I played. What a blast. And how fortunate that 2 weeks after my last chemo, I am able to get out there and actually field a ball, much less play catcher for fastpitch softball. I pretty much sucked at the hitting though. My body felt like it was 97and a half. My poor arm muscles have dwindled to the size they were when I was an infant; I believe. That's OK, I'll get them back to speed here pretty soon. Oh....ask how fun it was to catch a ball with neuropathy in my hands. I think it'll be a bit before I try and play catch. Enough complaining I had a great time getting to play ball again.
I get to do xmas baking this Mon with the Shirk family. Cant wait........Then comes Tuesday, and I get to take pictures of the Grand Canyon. I really really hope that the snow hasn't melted. That would be an ultimate bummer.
My labs came back today and the marker we were so happily celebrating at 17 last month went to 23. Kinda scary, but let's just pray that it's a fluke, and not a trend. The dr pretty much said chemo gets to start again if it hits 25. Maybe I need to play more softball, and start riding my bike more. Scare it back to 17...better yet, 7.
Well I'm off to party with Madi's ball team tonight. Parents are having a white elephant exchange, and girls are doing a slipper exchange. How cute. Then we get to gamble off a whole 3 dollars in left right center. Hope I'm as lucky this Fri, as I was last Fri at Bunco :)

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  1. Hi Peg.
    It's been a while since I read to see what's going on with you. As usual, you are positive and upbeat and your fighting spirit shines through. You continue to be in our thoughts and prayers--now praying that 23 WAS a fluke and that it jumps "down to 17. . .better yet 7"!
    Let us know where your at now.
    Looking forward to reading the blog that says your 100%
    Jill (of Cindy & Jill)